Goals of brand, positioning and attributes testing

Neuroresearch aimed at studying the brand, positioning, attributes, sheds a light on the following topics:

# Studying the perception of the brand, identifying element including association tests 


# Testing the concepts of product/brand positioning and its marketing-mix elements in terms of: attractiveness/ emotional perception, benefits and drawbacks of the concept, understanding the key message, relevance of the category


# Testing of the slogan/ logo/ celebrity etc, assessment of its relevance for the brand and advertising/marketing strategy


Research Objects

  • Naming, brand name

  • Positioning concepts, attributes, key claims 

  • Brand positioning vs marketing-mix elements 

  • Logo/ slogan/ celebrity vs brand


Equipment and Methods

In order to achieve set goals we use a complex methodology that combines classical research methods together with neurophysiological tool to identify the insights of the target audience

Metrics & indicators obtained

  • Strength of associations between the brand and its attributes

  • Strength and sign of emotional reaction towards the brand/ positioning/ celebrity

  • Remembering visual embodiment of the brand compared to competitors

  • Emotional and rational assessment of the tested objects