Opinions, assessments and feelings


When conducting research, situations often arise when respondents tend to voice socially approved responses, “close off” and do not show their real emotions. The NEURO INSIGHT methodology with the synchronous recording of vegetative indicators allows to reveal insights, as well as true emotions of the respondents, not only "in words", but also on the basis of their neurophysiological reactions.

This approach provides answers to the following tasks:

# Revealing Perception Insights from Research Questions

# Identifying "boiling points" - the most emotionally perceived questions / objects of study (both in positive and negative connotations)

# Identification of "routine behavior patterns" - processes / actions that the consumer performs unconsciously

# Research on sensitive, including medical topics

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Research objects

Objects of the research can be any products or services from completely different areas - from mass market products to niche goods.


Neuro Insight method is also actively used in the social sphere to analyse "boiling points" of your consumers.


Equipment and Methods

In order to achieve set goals we use a complex methodology that combines classical research methods together with neurophysiological tool to identify the insights of the target audience

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Metrics & indicators obtained

  • Emotional involvement

  • Changes in emotional response

  • Cognitive load

  • Rational and emotional assessments

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis