2011 - 2013

History of Neurotrend goes back to 2011, when Natalia Galkina, our ideological inspirer and founder, decided to create first commercial neuromarketing laboratory in Russia. Prior to that our company specialised in marketing research and consulting. 


Neurotrend designed its first laboratory and brought the neurophysiological equipment from America and Germany. We started by developing our own methodology, carrying out necessary measurements and calculating own neuromarketing metrics. When the ground work was done, we completed Neurotrend project and opened the laboratory in 2013. 

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Neurotrend was created not just by a businesswoman and not just by a biologist, but by a person who has competencies in both. Ideological inspirer and CEO of Neurotrend Natalia Galkina, a with an academic background in Biology, also received a financial education and worked in business consulting for a long time.

High expertise in neurophysiology, psychology, economics and other sciences allow Neurotrend to be thrive as a successful business. 

Neurotrend is one of the technology leaders of the National Technology Initiative and a member of the Neuronet NTI roadmap. We have a unique team of professionals who bring the company's work to a level of quality unattainable to competitors. We enter new markets, develop a network of laboratories, and engage in educational activities.



Neuromarketing Science & Business Association - global association of neuromarketing professionals in the world.

European Society of Marketing Research Professionals - one of the most famous and respected research associations in the world formed in 1948. ESOMAR membership means that the member adheres to certain research standards and serves as a guarantee of high quality research.