NeuroChat was developed as an innovative communication system for network communication with medical staff, relatives, friends and the whole world for people who are not able to talk and move. People with diagnoses, such as stroke, cerebral palsy, ALS, multiple sclerosis and various neurotraumas (head injury, spinal injuries and others).

NeuroChat, being one of the technological implementations of future NeuroCommunication market, is a response to the social request of millions of people, not only in Russia but also around the world. The system is multilingual: nowadays users already have an access to interfaces and virtual keyboard to enter text in Cyrillic, Latin, Kazakh and Turkish alphabets; work is an underway to introduce more languages of Asian countries, Chinese being one of the first ones on the list.

NeuroChat is currently being used in more than 60 medical institutions around 40 regions of the Russian Federation. When help, support and understanding are valued more than ever for people stuck in difficult situations, our communication system is here to help.


In addition to a new type of communication, patients have the opportunity to further maintain and improve their cognitive abilities by undergoing neurotraining at the NeuroChat.

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