Neurotraining is a course aimed at developing and enhancing cognitive and analytical abilities of the brain. Recommended number of desired sessions depends on your current level of cognitive functions and overall condition. After just a few sessions users notice improvement in areas such as attention, memory retention, critical thinking, better focus and concentration. 


NeuroChat training is created for those who want to further improve the power of their minds and maintain its clarity in the long run. It could be useful for people wanting to have a better memory recollection, quicker responses, as well working with information more efficiently and being able to multitask.

Neurotraining can also be useful for children in order to tackle attention deficiency and restlessness during education process.

Last but not least, neurotraining is used to rehabilitate patients with various impairments.

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In human body, brain functions are closely related to each other. Often, when working on one function, we automatically train the others. 

Weaker concentration causes issues like memory deterioration, distraction and overall “weakness” of a person, hence it is highly recommended by experts to train your concentration abilities first in order to improve the overall condition of your mind.Difficulty in improving someone’s concentration of attention is explained by inability to check the effectiveness of traditional methods. Existing psychological tests do not allow us to evaluate and measure concentration “here and now”.


Training on NeuroChat is a fundamentally different approach when it comes to development and improvement of our cognitive spheres. Any kind of work on NeuroChat requires a lot of attention, as well as concentration.

When using NeuroChat, user is able to select various commands (whether it is virtually “clicking on” a letter of the alphabet or otherwise), with motivational effort of one’s mind. During the process, he should be able to concentrate his attention better, as well as maintain it over time.

Compared to “standard” neurotraining methods, NeuroChat registers physiological indicators of attention on an electroencephalogram in real time. If user sufficiently concentrates his attention and reacts at the right moment, NeuroChat “understands” what option user wants to choose.

It is impossible to operate Neurochat without voluntary concentration of attention, therefore when psychological and physiological habit of concentration is developed it creates a positive effect on one’s lifestyle.


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