Opinions, assessments and feelings

Often respondents are not able to clearly explain the motivation behind their behaviour or attitudes. The reason behind the choice of a brand, product, category or store. Post-factum standard techniques increase the likelihood of forgetting and rationalising when answering questions. 


Combining ethnographic research methods with neuromarketing tools allows you to clarify and solve the following problems:

# Studying the lifestyle of consumers, their habits and needs through the prism of emotional perception


# Defining target audience segments in accordance with the canons of the experience economy

# Revealing consumer behaviour insights

# Examining the factors influencing purchasing decisions


# Identifying drivers and barriers of using the products / services

# Determining the dissonance between the perception of brands / products "through the eyes of consumers" and their positioning

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Objects of the research can be any goods / services / brands at the stage of market maturity, when a "deep immersion" is required to understand the consumer and create strong emotional connection

Research objects


Equipment and Methods

In order to achieve set goals we use a complex methodology that combines classical research methods together with neurophysiological tool to identify the insights of the target audience

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Metrics & indicators obtained

Investment Chart
  • Emotional involvement

  • Change in emotional response

  • Cognitive load

  • Rational and emotional assessments

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis