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The purpose of the study is to analyse consumer perceptions of an advertisement and to evaluate its effectiveness, which has a direct impact on customer acquisition and business performance.


Our technology enables us to capture details of the consumers' subconscious mind, helping us to identify their level of attention and interest whilst viewing the commercials. We are also able to determine the emotional impact of commercial content through a combination of physiological ad sociological indictors, giving us a holistic and objective assessment of consumer reactions. 

The video sequence will be analysed carefully by episodes, diagnosing the stronger and weaker scenes and identifying the ones that resonate most strongly with consumers.


The result of the study is a comprehensive formulation of insights and recommendations for the advertisement, in the form of a report.




The purpose of the study is to determine the best option for the main page of the site from the consumers' subconscious point of view, as well as optimising the process of navigation. 


The neurotesting process assesses perception and convenience of the interface, evaluating the performance of various operations on the site, as well as the emotional and rational assessment of respondents. 

After the study, clients are provided with the results on the definition of key and distracting elements on the page, their ranking, recommendations on the placement of page elements. Key problem points of the site are also identified (increase/decrease in attention, cognitive load), selection of the best colour etc.


The purpose of this service is to determine the best version of a static image or a product concept (packaging) from the point of view of consumers' perception at the level of unconscious reactions and to prepare suitable recommendations for improvements.​

In the process of testing, tasks such as identifying the attractiveness and visibility of the object, both in a competitive environment and when individually examined, analyze individual elements of the object from the point of view of the quality of perception of the main blocks, semantic blocks and textual information and identify the subjective assessment of the logo are performed. 


After conducting neuromarketing testing, the customer receives for himself an increase in the attractiveness of packaging on an emotional level, an increase in memorization and motivation to purchase, an increase in brand loyalty and identification of elements.