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Brand Association

What comes to your mind when I say Mercedes-Benz? You would probably think of high-end cars, luxury, comfort, reliability and more. Those are the attributes which people normally associate with the brand Mercedes-Benz. Having a good product/service is important, but having a positive brand association is equally important as well. Read on to find out more about what brand association is and why it is important.

Brands have different ways to allow consumers to remember them. They create a mental connection between themselves and concepts, objects, places, and many more. These mental connections are called brand association. When you talk about luxury watches, you’ll think about Rolex. This is an example of a good association. Associations can be made with a good or bad impact.

So, why is brand association important?

There are good and bad associations. Well, the vast majority of us would definitely prefer having a good brand association. Brand associations are built on many factors, such as your advertising collateral, your brand ambassador(s), your logo, your store, just basically everything the public is allowed to see. Because all these things will leave an impact, good or bad, so always be mindful of what your company portrays to the public, because wherever tea spills, it stains. A good brand association will set you apart from your competitors and give you an edge over them. Furthermore, the brand association might be the deciding factor when consumers are having a tough time considering whether to buy your product/engage in your services.

Now that you know more about brand association, how exactly can you improve your brand association? Well first, you need to know what people already think of your brand. Here at Neurotrend, we provide brand perception analysis and we use methods such as masked priming to gather information on how people perceive your brand and what they associate your brand with. With this information, the next step one can take to improve brand association is to influence their target consumers through their marketing materials.

Use marketing materials to help buyers remember your brand for its unique qualities. Create unique advertisements, posters, campaigns that will leave a good impact on your consumers. Recently, consumer personalisation campaigns are on the rise. Remember when Coca-cola allowed you to have your name printed on the bottles? That campaign itself allowed consumers to think about their loved ones, associating themselves with how coke has always been family orientated, and now when we think about what drinks to get for a family member, the most go-to beverage will be Coke.

Neurotrend can also help analyse your marketing materials to see how they can be improved to give your brand better associations. As much as we can help improve your marketing materials, brand association is hard to change and it rarely changes drastically over a single campaign. It is a process that requires time and effort as well as constant in-depth analysis on how your consumers perceive your brand. However, it is definitely a worthwhile process and results are sure to show as soon as your brand association improves. As such, do remember to take into account brand association the next time you decide to carry out a marketing campaign.

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