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How neuromarketing helps your website connect better with your visitors.

When it comes to digital marketing - specifically website advertising, has it ever occurred to you on how to optimise your website to convert your visitors to potential buyers? With increasing competition in your industry, having an edge over your competitor is important. This is where neuromarketing can help you.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is engaging neuroscience technology to obtain data when visitors explore your marketing visuals, commercials and website, jotting down the fluctuations going on in your visitors’ head and using that explicit data to further improve the initial emotions that your visitors have experienced. Using a unique combination of equipments which differs between neuro market research companies, these types of equipment can measure the visitors’ brain waves, emotional responses, etc, and generates results about the subconscious aspect of a visitors’ brain which includes memory retention and interest engagement. These data can potentially help a marketer design better marketing strategies.

Here are some neuroscience backed ways to help better your website:

Smooth navigation

Visitors that visit your website has probably visited others, thus their expectations on how your website navigations flow are based on their previous browsing experiences. Thus, simple website elements such as navigation menus, store interfaces, etc. Should be designed and built to work in similar ways, sometimes with needless innovation, visitors might be confused and this will most likely frustrate your visitors.

Usage of social proof

Social proof, another psychological term for social influence. Where people copy the actions of others, easing their minds that they might not make the right choice. Plug more testimonials, past projects, past successes, subscriber counts to let your visitors feel and know that they can trust you. According to econsultancy.com, Gen Z responds well to social proof marketing tactics. Applying such a simple marketing tactic is effective and easy, and very commonly used in neuromarketing aspect of web design.

Eye gaze to direct attention

Planning to use an image of a person on your website? Try to use it at your advantage and tweak the image and make sure that your character is looking at the information you want your visitors to look at as well. Based on James Breeze’s experiment, on how people view baby ads on 106 subjects.

When subjects were presented with the ad as shown below, we can observe through the heat map that majority of the subjects have their eyes fixated on the baby's face and not on the content at the side.

After some minor alterations, the baby is now looking at the content at the right side of the ad, although the baby's face still holds the majority of the eye fixations of the subjects, now the content at the side also has a high level of eye fixation period.

Breeze concludes, “In advertising, we will look at what the person we see in an ad is looking at. If they are looking out at us we will simply look back at them and not really anywhere else.”

Read more on Dooley’s Brainfluence article

Consistency in everything

Consistency throughout your website is important for visitors’ experience, try to keep everything you put in your website under a single theme. Choosing the right font type, colour scheme and tone of writing through the page can help strengthen and portray a better brand image and identity towards your visitors. Selecting a unique theme can help people identify your brand easily.

Consistency in your services also plays a role, visitors might enjoy the deals and the whole website experience but will not make a purchase again because the product or service was not what was expected via the wholesome experience you have led them to believe. Satisfied customers are also returning customers, which will add on to your credibility if they choose to add on to your testimonials, overall increasing the effectiveness of your social proofing efforts.


Neuromarketing is able to empower you with the understanding of your consumers based on neuroscience research methods. It’s not only what was mentioned above that affects your website advertising, but it’s also the placement of your banners, your content, the tone that affects your user experience which ideally leads to a potential customer. Neurotrend believes that good branding starts from understanding your consumers.

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