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Is Outbound Marketing still as effective?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Outbound marketing is known to be pioneers of marketing techniques in which companies show themselves to potential consumers. Outbound marketing tends to push its content to a group of audience, without having the knowledge of what the audience's wants. Example of outbound marketing methods including advertising through television, magazines, newspaper, pop-ups, telemarketing and billboards.

Outbound marketing is a company that is able to spread their message to as many target audience as possible. It is commonly referred to as the “Spray and Pray” method of marketing that when messages appears, it disrupts the consumer’s flow of activity in order to capture their attention and use this chance to promote the service.

Outbound marketing includes a high commitment level in broadcasting messages to a wide audience, despite the audience having little to no interest in the content. As the messages are being ignored by audiences that have little to no interest in it, this limits the effectiveness of outbound marketing.

The most preferred choice of outbound marketing will most likely be sending mass emails to countless recipients as it is the most cost efficient choice. However, applications like Gmail help sort out spam emails to determine which are spam and which are important emails. The con of using mass emails to get the message across without a proper subscriber list would lead to the mail that was sent will probably end up in the spam folder of the recipients.

As a result of the introduction of ad blockers, the average click-through rates for search ads is 1.91% and 0.35% for a display ad. There are numerous ways of blocking them out such Spam filtering, ad blocker and caller IDs can be blocked. Outbound marketing techniques are getting less and less effective without the correct research.

Outbound marketing are filled with pros and cons. It proves that the marketing techniques have room for improvements, and it might have a breakthrough if proper research was done beforehand. Obtaining reliable data to help aid with the correct audience to expose their content to.

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