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Keeping your marketing efforts in check.

How effective is your marketing strategy currently?

How do you optimise your marketing efforts to it best potential?

There are many ways to market your product for different group of consumers.

The best way to start is probably by identifying what you are trying to sell.

Let’s take for example, GoPro.

A simple 35mm film camera, how did it become one of the most successful businesses in the decade?

They are not just selling you a 35mm high definition camera, they are selling to you a lifestyle.

In 2014, GoPro allowed their consumers to take lead on building their brand story. The company had an average of 6,000 YouTube uploads daily titled “GoPro” with more than 1 billion views each.

There are plenty of 35mm High Definition cameras out in the market, but it’s the lifestyle that GoPro managed to convey through their brand story and marketing efforts that allowed consumers to see why they needed to have their own GoPro.

Think about what you are selling to your consumers,

For Neurotrend, we are selling companies an edge over their competitors by helping them uncover their consumer’s insights using neuro-technology.

Keep your marketing strategies up with the trend.

Trend changes all the time, you can be creating a new campaign and all of a sudden a new technology releases and your whole plan is now down the drain.

New trends appear very often, when Instagram first launched their own version of stories, a report on TechCrunch found that Snapchat Stories view counts dipped by 15%-40%. Companies might be planning to collaborate with Snapchat but after Instagram launched its stories, the unknown plans will go to waste. Staying ahead of trends, helps you and your company save time and effort.

Next, putting your marketing efforts live.

Remember to make sure that you'll always be able to track the analytics and results of your advertisements.

Do not pay for your advertisements unless you can track the results.

There is little to no point of putting your ad out their and not knowing if it is harvesting any potential buyers or leads.

Use the statistics to analyse whether your ad is doing well or not, understand what are the factors that attracted people to buy or engage in your product.

Keep these tips in mind and your marketing efforts would be less likely to be wasted. We can help you too as here in Neurotrend, we can identify how consumers feel about your brand and from there, how best should you market your brand to achieve the best results. We can also track how well your advertisement performs based on neurophysiological metrics. Lastly, through analysing these data, we can give an analysis on the current trend and how your company can best implement marketing practices.

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