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Neuromarketing on the Rise

For the past decade, there has been an upward trend in advertising expenditure by companies and agencies all over the world. More and more companies are reaching out to their consumers with advertising, in an attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Furthermore, with the advent of social media and its increasing accessibility, companies who fully utilise all platforms of advertising are closer than ever to the hearts of their consumers. However, does spending more money necessarily mean better results? Of course not. There has been plenty of marketing fails that occurred despite the extravagance in these marketing campaigns. These fails are mainly due to the lack of understanding of the target audience. Thus, to truly capture the hearts of consumers, more and more companies have started to engage in neuromarketing services.

Neuromarketing provides insights that gives companies an edge over their competitors. Essentially helping marketers and content creators have a deeper understanding of their target consumers, understanding what is able to help them achieve their marketing goals. Neuromarketing is currently on the rise, involving different equipment to gather different information and insights that is beneficial to their current marketing plans.

Neuromarketing is often associated or related to consumer psychology which we have previously mentioned the different types of influences and psychology effects in our previous blog posts.

How is neuromarketing being utilised?

There are many different techniques of using neuromarketing, as mentioned in our previous blog posts, Colour Psychology, Emotional Marketing and Website designing, they are all ultising neuromarketing.

There are a few areas where companies utilise neuromarketing for:


Determining, and recommending an optimal combination of visual elements in a static image to appeal to consumers' perception at the fundamental level.


Measuring consumers’ attention, interest and emotional level while viewing the commercials. The video sequence is analysed episode by episode, identifying the ones that resonate most with consumers.


Recommending the best option for the site’s main page based on consumers’ subconscious reactions and optimizing the process of navigation.


Analysing and determining the best design based on consumers' subconscious perceptions to maximise the visual appeal of a product's packaging concept


Comparing consumers' brand perception against its competitors and providing companies with suitable recommendations for improvements. Also, we provide support in the idealisation of new brands (i.e: the right logo, brand name, etc.), based on respondents' subconscious reactions.


There is a plethora of ways to use neuromarketing to boost your marketing strategies, knowing what to implement and how to utilize it will definitely boost your company's efforts. You might already be unconsciously using neuromarketing techniques in your campaigns, head over to Neurotrend.com to understand how to boost your business with neuromarketing.

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