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At Neurotrend, we are dedicated to provide you with marketing recommendations based on neuromarketing research. We want to help you make better decisions in your marketing content to optimise engagement with your audience.

Wondering what neuromarketing entails and how it can provide a competitive edge in the field of market research? In this series of UNFOLD, we’ll be exploring past projects we have taken on over the years to give you a better understanding of what we do and how we can benefit your business through neuromarketing within marketing research.

So, let’s take a look at our first case study: SGAG!

Weaved v.s. Force-fitted Content in Advertisements

8 videos from SGAG were provided for our research

Our Strategy

Additional metrics applied:

To take an in-depth look into what Neurotrend can do, let’s look at an example of one of the scenes we analysed.

The data from the Polygraph and EEG enabled us to accurately measure the difference in the viewer’s emotional engagement and memory retention between weaved and force-fitted content.

Based on the results, we can conclude that respondents who watched the weaved content were more emotionally engaged with the video as compared to those who viewed force-fitted content videos.

With the help of the Polygraph and Eye Tracker, we were able to accurately measure second-by-second changes in emotional engagement and attention of viewers.

As indicated in the results graph, both emotional engagement and attention remained relatively similar with little fluctuations during the advertisement. The highlighted green area indicated a steep rise in emotional involvement of viewers at that juncture of the video. However, this was followed by a decline in emotional engagement and attention, which is a sign of the viewer’s detachment from the scene. This could be a result of a change in information in the scene that sparked a conversation between the viewers.

Focus Map & Scan Path

With the results from the Eye Tracker, we were also able to produce a Focus Map and Scan Path to highlight the visual elements that caught the viewers’ attention allowing us to analyse their interest levels, leading to their perceived level of curiosity and involvement in the visual information.

Our Recommendations

Emphasise on creating weaved content videos but at the same time, also consider producing high quality force-fitted content videos

Our research found that although weaved content videos that have less intrusive and striking advertising content were more emotionally engaging, well-designed force-fitted advertisements were also able to successfully produce emotionally strong and memorable feelings towards the advertising content. This makes both strategies effective for engaging their target audience.

Trim unnecessary episodes to reduce the length of their content

We suggested for SGAG to trim episodes that do not contribute to message comprehension, as our results revealed that there is a strong variability in attention over the length of the video and a downward trend in emotional engagement and valence.

Better integration of advertising material with the storyline was needed

Due to the observed discrepancy between advertising content and actual storyline, this caused the video of be incoherent at some junctures, creating mixed feelings about the video as a whole.

Thank you for checking out our pilot edition of UNFOLD, where we give you a better look into what neuromarketing entails and how our information can benefit your company in market research. Look out for more weekly updates and check out our website for more details.

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Neurotrend is the biggest neuromarketing company in Europe and Russia with seven consumer insights laboratories available worldwide. Utilising a combination of neuromarketing and classic marketing research, Neurotrend employs eye trackers, electroencephalography (EEG), polygraphs and HD cameras to provide a wide range of research services to bring consumer insights to light. A member of NMSBA and ESOMAR, Neurotrend is dedicated to provide a new form of data to enhance the market research industry and uncover consumer insights through neuroscience.

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