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What is Brand Awareness?

What is Brand Awareness?


noun: brand awareness

the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services. "a campaign to increase brand awareness"

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the above definition of brand awareness. But do you all truly grasp the concept and importance of brand awareness? 2 companies can produce identical products and may even charge them differently. Now which would a normal person buy? Of course, it is only rationale to buy the cheaper product. However, what if we were to include branding into this situation? The more expensive product sold is one that is from a brand that is renowned worldwide while the other is just an unknown brand. You might think that if the 2 products were the same, people would still buy the cheaper one. However, in reality, that isn't usually the case. Most likely, people are still willing to pay more for the brand that they recognise and are aware of. That is the power of brand awareness

So why is brand awareness so important?

Brand awareness reflects how familiar your consumers are with your brand and the frequency of your brand being recognised in different situations. Having brand awareness is crucial for a business’s success.

Brand Awareness Creates Brand Association

Having your brand being associated in consumers’ daily lives is definitely important and this also provides you with an edge over your competitors.

When we talk about sanitizing or cleaning, we’ll think about Dettol.

When we are rushing and we have a place to be at, we’ll think about Grab.

When you need to grab a drink for your younger niece, Milo is one of your safest bets.

That is the power of brand awareness. It associates our daily life activities with brands or a particular product. We will subconsciously purchase the product even without considering their competitors. This way, even daily situations such as people cleaning things or being late are marketing for us.

Brand Awareness Builds Trust

Trust between the brand and consumers is what allows consumers to have a peace of mind when making a purchase. Like getting Coke for a family gathering, it will never go wrong. Now that the technology is easily accessible, consumers tend to rely on reviews and research online before making a purchase. Once you are able to deliver what you promise, it builds trust with your consumers. Brand awareness is able to associate your brand with familiarity and at the same time building trust.

Brand Awareness vs Brand Recognition

What is brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is when consumers are easily able to identify your brand through your logo, tagline or mascot/spokesperson.

Examples of brand recognition:

A red “N” with a black background = Netflix

“Just Do It” = Nike

Acquiring Brand Awareness is a level higher than gaining brand recognition. It requires not only your brand’s ability of allowing consumers to recall your brand’s name but also knowing what your brand promises to give - an overall identity of your brand and the association between your brand and the consumers.

How do you achieve brand association?

Through Marketing.

But, remember

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” Tom Fishburne

Create a marketing campaign or idea that can allow consumers to talk about it for a period of time, positively of course. The longer the better. This creates a positive brand image and provides an opportunity for your brand to associate itself with your consumer’s daily life.

Don’t try to hard to force feed your brand to your consumers, it might work for a period of time but force feeding an experience might end up having your brand not being able to provide the same experience again in their next encounter with you.

To end off, here are 2 campaigns that we found that creates a story, and an emotion and experience that is able to allow consumers to associate with their brand.

#WeighThis by Lean Cuisine

A TV campaign, Lean Cuisine launched a social media campaign called "WeighThis" by 360i. A video showing women near a scale. But instead of weighing their bodies, the women "weighs" their personal accomplishments.

Fun Theory Piano Staircase by Volkswagen

This campaign shows or depicts nothing about cars, but just a Piano Staircase. It aims to show that Volkswagon can create an enjoyable experience for people and at the same time appeal to more than its usual, more mature target audience. For those that experienced Volkswagen’s campaign, next time you take the stairs, you might feel a little joy and associate the experience with volkswagen.

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