NeuroChat project is an innovative brain-computer interface (BCI) platform for neurocommunication and neurotraining, which allows typing with power of mind, as well as developing and training human cognitive functions.

Mastering neurocommunication technologies, i.e. developing direct contact between human brain and other artificial systems is a serious step towards a breakthrough on creating symbiotic human-machine systems. Such systems, currently being a challenge in present time, will be able to provide global competitive advantage in network communication technologies in the future. NeuroChat, being one of the technological implementations of future Neuro communication market, is a response to the social request of millions of people around the world.

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NeuroChat is multilingual and has no language barriers; the system considers the language of the message receiver and auto-translates it online. By and large, the social network formed on the basis of NeuroChat is initially designed as international. 


In February 2018, together with the University of Southern California, the world's first session of international neuro communications of two people from different continents was held: one from Russia and another one from America. Both participants previously had difficulty communicating using standard methods; they were choosing characters in their native language, and the system was automatically translating it from Russian to English and vice versa.

International Communication Session with NeuroChat Moscow-Los Angeles


Designed and developed in Russia, NeuroChat is a hardware-software complex that includes a neuro-headset and special “ErgoStim” interface installed on the user's computer. The headset registers EEG data and transfers it to a computer or tablet via a Wi-Fi wireless channel. User "chooses" the desired character on computer screen by using his cognitive abilities - person can type letter by letter without the effort of voice and movement. A special user interface allows you to accelerate the process of typing using advanced technology similar to T9 (quick input system used in smartphones and Internet search engines), and provides online translation into the interlocutor's language.​


The algorithm for determining mental commands is developed considering possible low attention of a user, as well as low motivational-emotional attitudes or increased mental fatigue. The success rate of “choosing” desired symbol on average is equal to 80-95%. The execution time depends on the number of objects on the screen; on average it takes 2-3 seconds to choose one object.

NeuroChat process

Neuro-headset: EEG 


Software Interface: keyboard that can be easily customised according to user's needs or condition

Randomised flashes will appear on the screen. Their job is to help detect the signals sent by user's brain. User focuses on a desired key (e.g. letter of an alphabet) in the moment of a flash in order to type in out.



Dec 2016

In December 2016 we presented the neuroheadset and conducted an experiment, in which two users from different rooms had a conversation through Neurochat.

Jan 2018

In January 2018 Neurochat was presented at the biggest international exhibition of consumer electronics - CES 2018.

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Feb 2018

In February 2018 first conversation of user’s from different countries was held: one patient was in Moscow, the other – in Los-Angeles.

Jun 2018

In June 2018 Neurochat was considered the best project in its category at the biggest exhibition of consumer electronics in Asia – CES Shanghai 2018.

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Sep 2018

In September 2018 Neurochat was considered one of the best Russian invention in 2017 according to Ruspatent.

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In 2018 Neurochat was presented at the international exhibition of medical equipment in Dusseldorf – MEDICA 2018.

Aug 2019

In the summer of 2019, R&D of NeuroChat was successfully completed; the project transitioned to the commercial phase.

Dec 2019

In December 2019, at the leading Russian technology forum: Global Technology Leadership, NeuroChat was awarded for its contribution to the technological development.

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NeuroChat was initially designed as a communication system for people of speech or movement impairments. Now, our brain-computer interface platform is used as a training device to improve one's cognitive abilities with the help of mind power.

Training your cognitive functions help to improve your mental abilities like attention, memory, reaction speed and many more. Making cognitive training part of your lifestyle will provide long term benefits by preserving high levels of mental power and maintaining a state of “bright mind” at an older age. Not to mention, The World Health Organization points out that working with the cognitive sphere is an effective method of preventing dementia (senile dementia).

We live in an age of rapidly changing world with vast amounts of new information that needs to be processed and acquired. NeuroChat allows you to improve the "productivity" and "efficiency" of the brain, make reactions more "acute", and digestibility more effective.

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