We conduct market research

to provide clients with in-depth

consumer insights based on a

combination of

neurophysiological and

traditional market research data


Advertisement Testing

  • Animatic, Storyboard and Video

  • Test for video performance and effectiveness

  • Identify the best variant

  • Conduct competitors’ analysis

  • Measure key message attention and memorability

  • Identify consumer trends and differences.

Poster Testing

  • Test for the effectiveness of the layout design

  • Identify the best variant

  • Conduct competitors’ analysis

  • Measure key message attention, visibility and clarity



Packaging Analysis

  • Measure effectiveness of the packaging design

  • Identification of best variant

  • Conduct competitors’ analysis

  • Evaluate keywords visibility 



UI/UX Analysis

  • Evaluate site’s attractiveness, effectiveness, accessibility and simplicity of navigation

  • Analyse user’s pain points

  • Identify consumer patterns and trends



  • Identify consumer association to a brand

  • Identify the effect of advertising material towards consumer’s association changes to a brand

  • Identify consumer’s perception and emotions towards the brand

Brand Association Testing

Logo and Slogan Testing

  • Identify consumer’s perception towards logo

  • Slogan perception and understandability



  • Identify optimal product placement 

  • Effectiveness of retail space organisation

  • Identify optimal placement for advertisements

  • Track customer journey within a retail space

Retail Space Testing

Outdoor Testing

  • Visibility and effectiveness of billboards, poster and other outdoor elements

  • Optimal positioning for navigation information


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