Advertising / Communications

At the stage of idea development


Choosing the right idea among suggested 

Finding recommendation for further improvement of successful idea 

Evaluating proposed idea in the context of regulatory data by market and category 

At the production stage

Choosing the right montage/design version that gives maximum response from the target audience 


Recommendation for the final montage (lighting, sound, dynamics, sequence of plans etc


Evaluating the expectations of target audience, brand values and perception


Visibility and memorability of branding, as well as the main idea 


Testing based on competitors and compared to our accumulated database for video materials 

After campaign launch

Evaluation of the video in an advertising and non-advertising clutter: visibility levels compared to competitors, emotional involvement and memory retention in the process of viewing the full version of advertising block


Equipment and Methods

In order to achieve set goals we use a complex methodology that combines classical research methods together with neurophysiological tool to identify the insights of the target audience

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Focus groups/ survey

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Metrics & indicators obtained


  • Memory retention 

  • Interest

  • Attention

  • Emotional involvement 

  • Brand strength 


  • Attention to details (characters/ storylines/ branding elements etc.)

  • Changes in emotional reaction in the process of viewing, emotional triggers

  • Closeness of branding to emotional peaks

Normative database

Neurotrend’s database contains over 1000 tested TVCs of various categories for products and services. 


Accumulated statistica data allowed us to formulate norms for TVCs and animatics in general, as well as for their individual categories 


Our standards are verified by leading neuromarketing associations: ARF and NMSBA


To accumulate neurophysiological norms for advertising, Neurotrend together with conducts monthly proactive non-commercial research NEUROVISOR. The description of the research and results can be found via link

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